Tuesday, January 19, 2010,

NOTE: Please be informed that this post is a group/class post. I posted this entry to let you guys know how close we are to each other. This has nothing to do with bragging or anything else in between.

Hey! You've stumbled upon the place where the coolest, most aspiring, not to mention adorable teens on our planet meet up and do TOTALLY CRAZY STUFF with absolutely no limitations: our Classroom. Welcome to our World.

We call our batch Peartotx From the land of the handsome and gorgeous folks. Before I proceed to the part where I, an official pupil of the batch, will state all the mischief and adventures we go through in a daily basis, let me give you a brief intro of ourselves: She is... beautiful, smart, fun to be with, friendly, simple; and so as every other girl in this in dis-crazed world. He is... handsome, clever, funny, wise, a gentleman; and so as every other boy in this topsy-turvy world. Got it?

Now that you've found out who we really are, do you still want to proceed? Before you answer that, let me tell you this: we haven't even gotten to the part where I'll tell you what kind of nega attitudes we posses (which might make you loathe us), how we get out of trouble (secretly, of course) and how we get into trouble. So, are you still stopping? That's a risk you'll be taking. I'll continue then...

Fun, fun, fun, then HALT! Someone screams and everything turns into a total blur, we just got sent to the principal's office. One person may have done that, but we're sticking together: as ONE, like the BEST OF FRIENDS, like FAMILY.

And how do we get out of it? Same way we got in, secretly sneaking out of holes. One other thing you should remember is that we can absolutely do things that will shock you right before your eye.

The negas? Okay then... We are... insane, impossible, semi-normal, envious, bitches, plastics, bastards, rascals, lazy and sweetheart, we are WORST THAN HELL. Lets not get to the point of you, actually swearing in your seat right there because of what you just read.

We may be really optimistic, but we still know our limitations in the real world. Our world may be a fairy tale, and like any other fairy tales, we go through a lot of stuff and strive for survival to get to our "Happy Ever Afters".

The magical door to this magical world only accepts the best batch of pupils ever known to mankind, and that's us, Peartotx. No one else, but us :)

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