Friday, May 21, 2010,

Its been quite sometime since I last updated. And it made me miss Oh Three like hell. So, what was I supposed to be talking about again? Oh right. Books. Lots and lots of 'em.

You guys might think, What the hell is this Authonomy thing?. Well i'm here, to tell you guys all about that. (And no, I wasn't/am not paid to do this).

For me, Authonomy is the best site ever made for aspiring authors, like me. Here, writers can publish their unpublished work and might as well be discovered! :) It's conceived and built by the editors of HarperCollins, one of the most known book publisher of all time. Actually, anybody's welcome here. If you're a reader, read endlessly. If you're a writer, publish your work and be known all over the globe. The site is also protected by Copyright, so you won't have to worry about copycats who might steal your work.

I've been bitching about books for days now, yes Twitter was one of my witnesses. You can also ask my dear followers, whom I've been irritating because of my spamming habit. Well, I apologize with all my heart. Its just that, I can't seriously stop from reading. A minute without a book in my hand and I'll die. I kid. :) My point is that I'm a total Bookworm. And I sometimes hate myself for being such.

Secondly, I was browsing Amazon yesterday and found out about Kindle. A wireless reading device that carries over a thousand and a half e-books. I've been wanting this for like, forever; but had the thought of it being 'more than a WANT but a NEED'. Someone like me needs a wireless reading device badly. I own more than a dozen books and I just can't carry 'em anywhere I go, well I could, If I want to look like a walking library, or worse, a walking librarian. Although if we see each other in the mere-future, don't mistaken me for one. Anyhoo, I promised myself I'll be spending less on online shopping and more on saving up for that Kindle. I'm trying to be an independent and not bother my parents when I need or want something. :) But in the meantime, I downloaded Kindle for PC to be able to read e-books I'll be buying (Okay, I'll save up starting next week) on Amazon. To start off, I bought Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol for $0.00. :D

I'm also reading the prequel of the book Diary of a Crush. And its subtitle? Diary of a Crush 3: Sealed with a Kiss. Last school year, 3 of my classmates and I had gone book sharing for over a month revolving around The Princess Diaries and Diary of a Crush. I read the first 2 books, thanks to my mate, and bought the last one 'cause I just can't resist the Edie-Dylan Tandem.

I'm talking too much. I should get back to reading. :D Major updates on my Twitter.

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3:24 PM

Thursday, May 13, 2010,

May 10 was one busy day for our country, knowing that something like the National Elections could change our whole lives forever. And being part of history sure is one big thing.

Before continuing my dramatic blabbers, I'd like to start this post about how I thought of this topic in the first place. These things are a total nonsense. Blab here, blab there. You might want to skip this part. It's up to you, thou. Last Monday was really chill for me. I didn't have to worry about anything at all. After my family had gone out to vote, we went to the mall for a stroll and for us to buy stuff for this coming school year too. Including our bags ofc, school shoes, rubber shoes, socks, hankies and much much more. Every people I passed by had indelible inks on their fingers, obviously they've voted. Not my point, really. Hence, every people at the right age had the chance to vote and hopefully be able to make a change for our poverty-suffering country. I admit, I'm one of the lucky ones who doesn't feel discomfort in life, but seeing other people suffer doesn't make me feel any better. Iglesia Ni Cristo united as one only votes for the deserving candidate who can uplift our country from poverty as it is right now, and our head minister chose Noynoy Aquino to be the next President, who obviously won by a landslide. If I would be given a chance, I would surely vote. Knowing that maybe, just maybe, I might be one of those people who can change our motherland forever.

As you can see, I've got a new theme that's worth bragging. Thanks to its creator of course. I can proudly say that I am now satisfied with this rockin' layout. It's simple yet different from my usual type. Moreover, I've been planning to watch The Last Song with my cousins for like, forever. Hopefully we get the time.

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10:29 AM

Sunday, May 9, 2010,

Dear Mum,

Today's a very special day. It's not your birthday, it's not mine either. Today's the day every mom in the world get what they deserve, a pampering treat. But instead of giving you one, I decided to make something more practical, something that's priceless, so priceless that it's not worth all the money in the world. I wrote a small but meaningful book dedicated to you. One that expresses my inner thoughts about how you raised us to be a better person, a good daughter, and a much better mom someday.

When I was a kid, I always tell you how much I love you. I always kiss you on the cheek before I went to school. I always hugged you when something was wrong. It was way back when. And now, I do the same too. Yeah, right.

I do the same thing too, just not the same way. I do kiss you before I go somewhere. I do hug you when devastating times are occurring. I do tell you how much I love you, always. So what's wrong?

I used to tell you secrets about my crushes, about my life, about EVERYTHING that's going on between me and the people that revolve around my world. I still do so. Or do I?

I just want everything to be the way it was. Maybe I took the closure away from us a bit too far, I didn't mean to. I'm sorry. I'm sorry for being such a brat at times. I'm sorry for throwing tantrums at the age of 14. I'm sorry for being so temperamental because you told me that I'm too young to go out malling with my mates. I'm sorry for hurting your feelings unintentionally because of the stupid things I do. I'm sorry, I really am.

But despite all that, you never fail to give me advice on what and what not to do. You never fail to tell me to study every mid-term. You never fail to tell me how my attitude had gone from a goody good to a bad 'out-of-control' freak. You never fail at anything. We all know that nobody's perfect. But for me, you are mum. You are.

I can rant all day about whatever, etc etc. But words can never tell. 'Cause only you know, How much I love you.

♥ Happy Mother's Day mum. I love you more than anyone else in the world.

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2:59 PM