Sunday, December 27, 2009,

Welcome to my new && improved Online Diary or as I may also consider, BLOG. I dont know where to start, i'm just OH-SO excited: about my new host which is Blogger, about my new Theme, about the new features this so called host is offering me, about the posts, about EVERYTHING! I want to thank Ate Claire and Ate Chin for inspiring me. I'm a really big fan of their Blog ever since, and although they can't tell, I much often visit their site every time I surf the web. You know why? Easy! I find their Blog, posts, Life and personality interesting.

This isn't just an online hangout, this blog will also reflect my personality and my everyday Life through entries and rants. I will also try to update this as much as possible so that i won't loose track of my mystical adventures.

I'm open for Link Exchange and new Online Friends. I'm Looking forward to everything the Blogsphere has to offer.

Toodles for now; and please, check back as often as possible...

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