Thursday, December 31, 2009,

Happy new year guys! Well, New Year's Eve that is... My family and I are celebrating here at home with all the party and food, (BBQs, Salads, sea foods, maybe some wine and a whole lot more!), just like old school. My sister and I planned tons of games (like always) with, of course, prizes that's sure to spice up the night more. :)

Looking back to the memories this year has given me, literally made me say, "Oooh Wow! Alot really happened and this is a year I'll surely treasure forever." Maybe i'll summarize those things when I have the time. I can't right now, thou. I'm quite in a hurry, have to get prepared.

New Year's Resolution? I'll tell you when I think of one :) Seriously, I haven't thought of anything yet. Although, I don't think I need one anymore, I never manage to stick to them anyway. But! It's worth a shot. Maybe tomorrow.

Right now, I just want

for the whole world.

Saehae bok mani badeuseyo! (Happy New Year!)
Welcome 2010!

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